About Us

I love working!  I love helping people! I love feeling needed!

After losing a job that I absolutely adored, I was forced to make a decision about the "rest of my life" and what I wanted to do with it?

My name is Trish Walker. 

Was I to go back into the corporate world and make a very expensive degree pay for itself...or was I feeling the need to do something totally different...  something that I have never done before?

My name is Trish Walker and I Love Fashion!

Growing up, literally on a farm, I was not accustomed to witnessing and certainly not wearing fashionable choices.  It was not until I started working outside of the small town I grew up in, that I had an inner drive to use clothing options as an extension of my personality!  Wearing beautiful clothes made me feel the confidence that I had lacked my entire life by not knowing my own style!

My name is Trish Walker and I Love Helping Others with Fashion Choices!

As you can guess by now... I decided to re-invent myself and do something with "the rest my life" that I felt was second nature - Shopping for Beautiful Clothes and Accessories!!!   I absolutely love helping people generate a confidence within their own fashion choices!  

 My sweet husband named our new adventure "Uptown Girl Boutique" because the name completely solidified with the atmosphere in the physical store as well as our online presence.  Uptown Girl Boutique's mission is to provide beautiful fashion for all ages and genres of women!

The models on this web site are "real people".  They have jobs, family life, and all sorts of decisions to make on a daily basis - just like ALL of us!  Uptown Girl Boutique is a representation of ALL women who juggle fashion with their careers and home life... stresses and joy!  

The Confidence that You Wear is Your Choice!  Let me Help!

My name is Trish Walker and I Love Being Here for You!!!